Be the leader you want to be

It gives me tons of energy to help and inspire individuals and teams to use their full potential, break out of limited beliefs and patterns, create dedicated focus and have massive impact.

‘…Marcel is an energetic, unconventional trainer who has trained and coached managers around the globe for us for over 10 years…’

‘…His passion, humor and ability to trigger and confront people at all levels in the organization is his absolute strength!’

Breaking the patterns

In this fast moving world we have to be awake. 88% of everything we do, we do unconsciously. We can not really change, grow or learn in the automatic pilot area. I will support you to define your current patterns and see which one helps and which one we need to break and change. Use your 12% wisely!

Creating dedicated focus

Leaders know exactly what they want. They walk the talk and lead by example. It is not only reserved for the happy few. We all can be leaders. Leaders of our own objectives and future. I will support you to find your focus. Defining what you want in business and your personal life and how to deal with the challenges of the diverse stakeholders.

Have massive impact

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing exactly what you want, but lacking the impact of getting it done. You want to take stage, but you do not have the skills or insight how to make it happen. I will support you to create massive impact. You will have the ‘gift factor’ and the stakeholders will support you in realizing your objectives.


‘De Reis van de Held’ Live your Principles!

I try to live my life according to three principles. I take Influence, I never complain, and I have always time. It would make me so proud but unlucky for me I’m not always able to fulfill those self-made promises.

I sometimes love to complain. I hate it but I still do. Nothing pleases more, for a brief moment of time, to bitch and complain to your friends, colleagues or family. We ‘play the Violin’ tell them why this person is such an idiot because of X, Y and Z. And they agree. That feels good because we get reconfirmation that we are right.

But the next morning you wake up and everything is exactly the same. Nothing has changed and the irritation and anger is still there. The Bitching becomes a drug. You have to do it over and over again. It consumes you from the inside.

So, let’s break this toxic pattern. As of today we embrace and connect. We innovate and create. We don’t bitch about the weather. We create our own Sun and Moon!

De Reis van de Held’ Live your Principles

About me

I strongly believe in Theodore Roosevelt’s quote: ‘People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.’  Therefore I have long-lasting relationships with my clients. I commit myself to their objectives and culture and dedicate myself to support them in making their personal and business lives more successful. I have gained over 25 years of experience in making this happen. Not only for international companies but also smaller entrepreneurial ones. I have performed leadership programs on all continents except Antartica. For now!

Training Program (for teams and groups)

I created a leadership program based on three modules of Leadership:

Personal Leadership (2-day program)
A program based on the insights of Stephen Covey to create a level of Mutual Dependency in the team. Dare to make decisions and create a trust level that leads to win-win and synergy.

Team Leadership (2-day program)
A program to define your team strategy in the dynamic outside world. Define a desirable horizon for the coming years, guiding principles of the team, qualities per person and your commitment for tomorrow.

Leading and influencing others (1-day program)
A program based on the DISC Behavioral Styles that recognizes four predictable behaviour patterns to have a better understanding of your own behavior and how to create a higher trust level with others.

Coaching Program (for individuals)

For leaders and professionals who want to be more effective and have more focus and impact I created Business Coaching based on three modules and a solid preparation.

A constructive intake. Assessment and preparation to define the development journey and the desired outcome.

Be the best Leader (half a day)
Create a vision, define the strengths, work on the limiting and helping beliefs to become a stronger individual who also can connect.

Manage your stake holders (half a day)
Allocate the limited resources time, budget and people wisely. How can we find the best desired outcome based on the demanding stake holders including our work life balance.

Have massive impact (half a day)
Understand the behavior based on the concept of DISC Behavioral styles and the essence of Situational and inspirational leadership.


“Marcel is a natural communicator who easily connects on different levels. He knows how to close the gap between the brand promise and the customer experience. I see Marcel as open to change, new experiences, love to delight others, and facilitator of unique personal learning experiences!”John Zwanepol, Director HR F&QSEH Dimension Data

“I worked intensively with Marcel for the past 6 years. Marcel developed tailor made training modules for the sales team. Marcel is a more than respected trainer and he stands for: Authentic, Energy, Confrontation and Safe base.”Lodewijk Reineke, Global Director Sales and Marketing WPP at Vanderlande

“Marcel is an energetic, unconventional trainer who has trained and coached managers around the globe for us for over 10 years. His passion, humor and ability to trigger and confront people at all levels in the organization is his absolute strength!”Milanka Faasse, learning & development Manager at HMS Host International


Some of the clients I performed leadership programs for over the last 25 years:

21 Impact

It is important to partner up with strong international trainers and consultants in case of complex and multi disciplinary projects. 21 impact is a platform of business partners with a track record in leadership development and change. Together we work on complicated cases to have a broad approach to our customers in helping them to realize their objectives: vision and strategy, systems and proces, people and behavior.


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